Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Geometry Tour: Light and Stone 2

Best viewed on youtube, and for some reason it looks best at 480p.

This is a test sketch that gives some idea of both the geometry and the spatial sequence of the form in the Light and Stone 2 video.  This form is still not final, but progressing.  In a nutshell, the form is defined by a sphere being grazed around its perimeter by cylinders that terminate in cones -- all in the negative, subtracted from a larger mass.  The design process for the past several weeks has involved little more than tuning the many variables contained within that basic geometric structure.  These iterations of incremental adjustment would not be reasonably possible without a parametric software like grasshopper.  An explanation of the questions that this specific geometry answers will have to wait. 

Modeled in Rhino/Grasshopper
Display mode: technical
Video rendered in Photoshop

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