Sunday, 22 January 2012

Light and Stone 2

Best viewed @ 720p on youtube.

Second light test of the composition of form and light as the sun moves throughout the day.  Still very much in progress, and at a low render quality.  At some point I will post an explanation of the geometry/grasshopper definition determining how this form is derived -- but generally I'm finding that an attempt to make a meaningful record of the process through this blog in real-time would consume too much time that needs to be going into the project deliverables.  After the exhibition, I'll focus on putting together a clearer record on this blog.

Light Test: 7am -- 7pm
Every 6 min (0.1 hour increments)
Late March
Latitude similar to Vancouver
Interior looking East

Form modeled with Rhino/Grasshopper.
Rendered with Maxwell (renderings stopped while still grainy)

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